PUBLIC NOTICE: No construction will take place in St. Lucia in 2017.

Although we have a waiting list, no projects have been undertaken and no deposits have been requested, paid or accepted.

We are during a reorganization process before the final relaunch.

The company founder irrevocably decided to stick only to residential (not to commercial or industrial) design, building and bringing improvements to the wonderful structures from now on.


  WANTED:    international and Caribbean architects wishing to add dome homes construction to their portfolio. Please text your name & e-mail to St. Lucia cellphone +1.758.728.5961

Monolithic dome cross-section - Click to enlarge. Monolithic dome home - Click to enlarge. Monolithic dome home, guest house - Click to enlarge. Monolithic dome home, nice design - Click to enlarge.

Innovative all-purpose buildings perfect and cost effective for the Caribbean.

Domes: the house of the future Caribbean organization
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Our motto: Islanders deserve better!
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ST. LUCIA is a Caribbean English- speaking independent island country, a popular tourist and yachting destination.
A stable democracy fuels growth and the construction of major projects.
Preparations are being made since 2010 for several islands to form the OECS Economic Union, a welcome move that will propel the current boom years into the future.

Our focus is on new solutions in the construction industry adapted for tropical climate, that add extra security and comfort improving the way people live in the insular Caribbean: the monolithic dome and EcoShell structures.

Only environmentally friendly and energy saving solutions are being envisioned for our developments, which will be exposed as work progresses.

As real estate brokers, we also sell estate-sized lands, house lots, residential and commercial properties.

Multiple mortgage financing options for home-buyers exist, including unique programs available to selected individuals.


St. Lucia ranks 11 out of 178 countries on the Happy Planet Index (Adobe .pdf file).

Facts about St. Lucia (Adobe .pdf file).

Accessible by sea and air, in close proximity to North and South America and with reliable Internet  infra- structure in place, the Caribbean is the premier destination with individuals and corporations rushing to claim a piece of action.
Land is being gobbled up at unprecedented pace throughout the region. For instance, opportunities to buy land for residential developments in Barbados and St. Maarten, two nearby islands, no longer exist.

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